Hit the rest button, clean house and refocus. No starvation, deprivation or calorie counting here. This is the starting point in approaching a clean, healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle.


21 Day Cleanse


This is a chance to slow down a little, clean house, evaluate diet and lifestyle choices/habits, and identify food sensitivities. I lay out a structure, provide education, resources, recipes and shopping lists and 1:1 support along the way. Sustainability is the goal- no calorie counting, starvation or deprivation just plenty of whole, "living" foods. With different layers to the program; this is attainable for anyone and customizable for varied goals. My main goal is to provide information and an experience that empowers people to get behind the wheel of their health, investigate and become more attune to what their body is telling them about what they need in the realms of nutrition and wellness. 

  • Cut out all the foods that most commonly cause irritation/inflammation and build in nutrient dense, balanced and cleansing recipes for 21 days.
  • Nutrition is the main component but the approach is holistic--going beyond food into lifestyle.
  • Simple, easy to follow recipes 
  • Benefits include a lift in brain fog and improved digestion, sleep, energy, mood and weight loss.
  • Accountability coaching, 1:1, and group support provided along the way
  • Wrap with post cleanse protocol and tools to move forward with intention and ease 



I offer a few formats for the cleanse. I work with individuals 1:1 and will also be offering in person (Portland, OR) and online groups this Jan/Feb 2018. Contact me for dates, details and registration!

See what people are saying about the cleanse:

I’ve always followed a healthy life style in terms of exercise and nutrition. But every since I moved to the US I don’t tolerate some foods the same.
I love Katie’s approach toward holistic health. She encourages you to really listen to your body and not just follow a program blindly.
The guidance that Katie gave me and the structure of the cleanse taught me a lot about my body and what works well for me. It also helped me find answers to a lot of the discomfort and cravings I thought were normal.
I also take her Yoga/boot camp classes and the package together was the best whole body “detox” I’ve done. I am feel much more knowledgeable about my own health and what my body needs and doesn’t.
I also felt more energetic and got a lot more out of my workouts while doing the cleanse.
I want to continue to do this cleanse with Katie when I feel my body in need of a recharge. I recommend it 100%
— Nicole M, student and coaching client

I did Katie’s cleanse last spring. I felt incredible. She offered so much kindness & support to each of us in the group. She shared so many great & practical recipes that made eating healthy fun & sustainable. I highly recommend doing the cleanse to anyone who wants to ‘clean up’ their dietary habits & experience a healthy happy gut
— Jessica B, student and coaching client

I love Katie’s classes but the real magic for me was her 21-day cleanse program. All through my 20s, I’ve traveled a lot. While I still absolutely love new places/cultures/experiences, now that I’m 30 the constant change in routine (sleep, exercise, food) takes a toll on my body. This past summer I was in Indonesia for a couple months and came home very sick. After working with various doctors, I was at a dead end and still feeling awful.

After class one day, Katie mentioned her cleanse. We discussed my symptoms, and I decided to do a 1:1 with Katie. She developed a custom food plan for me, complete with recipes, shopping guides, and information about why certain foods might be problematic for me. The whole experience was super simple and easy to follow. All of recipes I tried were delicious (there are so many to choose from, I still haven’t tried them all and I’m never bored) and even my fianće really enjoyed them. But the best part is Katie made herself available 24/7 to answer any questions I had along the way, which made me feel supported and like I had a cheerleader through the whole process. I’ve tried many cleanses before and it was exponentially better having a coach in the process.

Bottom Line: this cleanse cleaned up my system and helped me discover what foods were wreaking havoc on my system. This cleanse is now my baseline. Sometimes I veer off, but it’s very simple to come back to and within a few days I notice a difference. My fianće also uses this now as his baseline because “he just feels better eating this way”. I’m SO grateful I found Katie, she is my go to for wellness in Portland!
— Miranda F. Student and Coaching Client

Katie’s 21 day cleanse is a perfect format to cleanse your body of toxins, learn to get creative with your food, and see what surprising foods/ingredients are negatively impact your day to day life.

For years I had struggled with digestive issues and was starting to look more into my health for autoimmune symptoms. I knew prior to seeing a Naturopath, I would need to go through an elimination diet of sorts to learn more about how food affects my body on it’s own. I decided to work with Katie 1:1. As a foodie and recipe developer, I was forced to new limits in my kitchen and the aisles of the grocery store. During this time I also shifted my energy towards my small organic coconut butter business, Motha’ Butta. During the program nutrition became simplified and I was able focus my energy on important tasks versus ‘what will I eat next’.
— Hannah A, student and coaching client