I am a Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Holistic Health Coach based in Portland, OR.


My Mission

I provide high energy and inspired yoga, fitness and wellness programming. I believe that movement- every day in some way combined with a holistic focus on wellness is ground zero for a happy, successful life- whatever that means to you. It's simple but so powerful. I push my clients to dig deep, explore their foundation, feel challenge--embrace struggle, find strength, patience and tenacity and come out the other side of the process better. I believe yoga, fitness, nutrition and holistic wellness are powerful vehicles for a dynamic, balanced, joyful and inspired life. 

There was never a day, even early on working with Katie where I felt intimidated or uncomfortable - she walks you through every step, helps correct or modify when necessary, and keeps things lighthearted, because she has been there herself and understands what it means to push yourself and start something new when life is stressful. The impact yoga, movement and a focus on overall well being has made on my life is incredible.
— Heather W., Student and coaching client

what i do

I blend yoga, fitness, nutrition and holistic health coaching in a variety of settings. I teach group health workshops and yoga/fitness classes in studio, coach privately (training, yoga and health coaching) and also provide corporate wellness programs, classes and workshops. I customize individual and corporate programs to fit the needs, times and budget. 

I fell in love with Katie’s classes last spring after a somewhat sedentary winter. In her classes I always feel challenged in the best way! I have experienced a physical & emotional transformation take place working with Katie. I feel stronger, lighter & empowered on and off the mat. Katie is fun & encouraging, dedicated to pushing her students, making great playlists, creative sequences & reminding us how fortunate we are to be able to show up for ourselves in practice. I’ve also done her cleanse program and felt amazing through the process. Katie truly is an amazing teacher & human being.
— Jessica B, student and coaching client

my roots

I come from the the other side of the health tracks. I was depressed, anxious, stressed, over weight, addicted to food, uninspired, abusing alcohol, working in a job I hated and then one day I just decided to do things differently. I may have never been exactly where you are but I coach from a place of empathy. Anything I teach originates from my view point as a student of yoga, fitness, nutrition, holistic health and life.