Yoga & Fitness

I like workouts that make you feel all the things. I want to feel inspired, powerful, strong, but also pushed, shaken and taken to my edge. Doing things that feel challenging to borderline impossible breeds this insane feeling of accomplishment, inspiration and belief in personal power and potential. That experience is POWERFUL. I want to practice resilience and tenacity in the studio and then take it to the streets to do the things that really matter! After a really good workout I walk out believing in my ability to get through the hard things. I am reminded that what feels impossible is often possible with the right mindset. I remember to doubt my doubts, shut down negative chatter and move with purpose and intention. This is the experience that changed my life 3 years ago. Providing this experience to my students is the foundation for all my classes.

I teach Power Vinyasa and Yoga Sculpt classes at a couple of studios in Portland (see my schedule). Again, my forte is the fusion of yoga and fitness these classes provide. I work with students at all levels of fitness and experience. I have experience teaching beginners, mid level and experienced yogis/athletes as well as professional and collegiate athletes. I teach classes in studio and am also available for privates (studio, home, or office) and events.